Kerb Stone

We have a wide range of Kerbstones that can be used almost anywhere in the streets, from store pavements, pathways, to garden edges, etc. Their shapes, sizes and types depend on their use. These can be supplied in customized size and shape if required in quantity.

Kerbstone is basically a paving stones that can be used for constructing pathways, driveways and pavements. At Advice Built Care Pvt. Ltd., we manufacture different types of Kerbstones.

Kerbstones are generally made from granite and provide a sturdy and robust support for a long time. These stones are manufactured in many shapes to give your pathway a splendid design and a pleasant look. The splendid look and well polished finish of the Kerbstone makes it appealing to the viewers. The granite Kerbstone can retain the carriage-way edges for years and years.

Standard size available is
410 X 300 X 100 mm


Press Mould - Regular Finish 
Precast Kerb Stone
Rubber Mould - Smooth Finish     Vibro Compaction - Matt Finish