Porous Paver Blocks

The Traditional Paver Blocks:
Paver Blocks are concrete interlocking blocks that are used for access lanes, exterior flooring, driveways, footpaths, pavements and are laid on sand beds. We have a wide range of paver blocks that are available in various colors shapes and sizes. Interesting patterns can be created by configuring these blocks.

There are different types of Paver blocks available in the market but none of them have this porous characteristics offered by Advice Built Care Pvt. Ltd (ABC).

The Porous Paver Blocks:
Bringing the concept of porous paver blocks to India, ABC fulfills the gap in the market to cater the need of paving adding environmental sustain ability. The porous paver block is the best alternative for an permeable flooring having the benefits of an eco-friendly water recharge system. We at Advice Built Care Pvt. Ltd, manufacture the porous paver blocks and it is one of our pioneering products that has gained global acceptance especially in places where it has been tested. In India, Porous Paver Blocks can become a milestone in paving needs as ground water depletion can be contained to a certain extent.

The porous paver blocks manufactured by us have a several advantages. Few of them are :

·The porosity of the blocks increases the water percolating capacity to the ground.
· Exposed surface is prepared with stronger materials to provide enhanced durability.
· Use of superior imported dyes and colors, gives the product elegant and long  
  lasting looks.
· The patterns and colors make it look aesthetic and much more pleasant.

The porous paver blocks are normally used for the management of water. Thus, these blocks can be utilized for:
· Reducing the peak of storm water discharged from the paved areas.
· Improving the quality of the recharge water by segregating the unwanted solid pollutants.

Paver Blocks Manufactured by us employs a variety of materials to give required characteristics desired by the clients. For eg.
· Blocks made from stone chip layer are used for allowing storm water to percolate through the surface of the 
· On the other hand blocks made from concrete are used for grid pavements that enable the storm water
  through the pores within the concrete

Dimensions :

Load Category   Size Advisable
Light Load   45mm
 Medium Load   60mm
Heavy Load   80mm
Extra Heavy   100mm

Different Patterns :

Colour Options :