ABC is proud to pioneer the most beneficial Porous Paver Blocks in India. These blocks are beneficial for both commercials as well as domestic establishments. They can be used in constructing Roads, Pathways, Industrial Gardens, Side Walks, Residence, Malls, Corporate etc.

Features and Advantages

  • The porosity of the blocks increases the water percolating capacity to the ground.
  • The rainwater/water can go through the pavement quickly into the earth. So the water will not get accumulated & fertility of the Land can improved.
  • It can adjust the humidity and temperature and maintain the balance of the pavement.
  • Even when these tiles are wet there will be no reflection, which makes it safe and comfortable for the drivers and walkers.
  • Reduces pollution from Rainwater runoff & Absorb the noise of traffic at certain level.
  • Exposed surface is prepared with stronger materials to provide enhanced durability. 
  • Use of superior imported dyes and colors, gives the product elegant and long lasting looks.
  • The architectural designs & patterns make it look aesthetic and much more pleasant.