Shot Blast Blocks

Shot blasting is a technique to obtain a finish that is generally applied to the smooth blocks and to give a textured finish. We at Advice Built Care Pvt. Ltd., manufacture shot blast blocks that are available in an array of colors, patterns and textures. Since these blocks can be used for different architectural and designing purposes, we ensure that we provide you with the large number of designs and textures.

The blasting of the face of these blocks creates a textured look that not only provides a depth to the block but also helps in exposing the internal aggregates of the block. Employing heavy, medium and light blasts several designs are created.

In short, shot blasting process distorts the smooth surface of the block giving it a much distinct and elegant look. Wide range of colors is used for shot blast blocks and client can select the color of his choice.

The shot blast blocks removes the artificiality of the flooring finish. The matt texture of the shot blast blocks manufactured, enhances as also softens the color of the block.

Color Options